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Luminus Ortho devices are 100% American made, at a fraction of the cost of similar medical devices in this field.  Limited investments are now being accepted to "polish off" the products while major industry partnerships are considered, such as distributorsand the ultimate manufacturing venue.


                                                                              FUNCTIONAL MICRO INVASIVE DEVICES

                                                                              DISPOSABLE DESIGNS WITH ULTRA-LOW PRODUCTION COST

                                                                              INTEGRATION OF BOTH DIAGNOSTICS & THERAPY TO EARN HIGH REIMBURSEMENTS

                                                                              SERIES OF HIGH VOLUME MARKETS TO QUICKLY DISRUPT

                                                                              EXTENSIVE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY

                                                                              COMMITTED LAUNCH PARTNERS & MANUFACTURING RESOURCES

                                                                              SEASONED MANAGEMENT CANDIDATES

                                                                              A CLEAR PATH THROUGH REGULATORY AND LAUNCH