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Targeting a Q4 2021 launch, the Company is preparing for a series of surgical labs, to validate the final specs for FDA compliant US manufacturing, and the protocols for training.  Demand is positive from prominent Orthopedic practices, Universities, insurance carriers, hospital systems and surgeons in professional sports.


                                                                              COMPREHENSIVE SURGICAL DIAGNOSTICS AT THE MICRO SCALE

                                                                              FLEXIBILITY & PRECISE STEERING ELIMINATE TRAUMA + EXPAND ACCESS

                                                                              HD-GUIDED MICRO REPAIRS & BIOLOGICS EARN MDs ATTRACTIVE FEES

                                                                              STERILE DEVICES (TRULY DISPOSABLE COST) WITHIN PROCEDURE BUDGETS

                                                                              EXTENSIVE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY

                                                                              ROBUST LAUNCH PARTNERS & U.S. MANUFACTURING

                                                                              CLEAR PATH THROUGH REGULATORY AND LAUNCH