Marek Sekowski    A renowned innovator spanning design, optics, 3D scanning, and mechanics, his 35

     years of breakthrough projects include leading design directly for Steve Jobs on the first 200+ Apple

     products.  Today Marek manages 30+ vendors / collaborators to advance Luminus Ortho products.

    Mavis Gallenson, ESQ   (Partner) Ladas & Parry Global Patent Law Firm  (handles all International Prosecution)

    Mark Edwards, ESQ   Heller & Edwards, LLP Beverly Hills    (General Counsel)

    Steve Henson, CPA - Acting CFO   Henson & Co CPAs, Pasadena  (Seasoned Corporate Accounting)

    Mike Pritzkau, ESQ   (Principal) Pritzkau Patent Group  (Handles All Domestic IP Prosecution / General Strategy)

    Tim Hays, Software    Highly skilled technical innovator dating back to the early days with Apple.  Specialties

     include imaging, advanced diagnostics, user-interface, 3D programming, AI, and intellectual property.

    Neal Mineyev, MD, Surgical & Technical Advisor    Resident Surgeon now based out of New York.  Just finished 

     breakthrough Breast Cancer research at USC, and is a key technical liaison in guiding Luminus  Ortho Applications.

    David Walker, Principal & Board Chairman    35 year successful start-ups investor and executive with success in

     many industries including retail, finance, distribution, brokerage, entertainment and technology. 

    Hal Walbrink    30+ Year medical industry veteran and founder of the top-tier innovation   

     and product development company Xinetix, Inc.   Hal's team of specialists has advanced over 100 medical   

     products on behalf of  60+ companies, with specialties in ISO-13485 compliance, IP, and manufacturing.

    Nottingham Spirk, Cleveland    40 Year Global Innovations, Design and Product Launch Partner.

     Over 90% of firm's 900+ patent technologies have been successfully commercialized, generating over $45B

     in revenues.  This recent partnership brings a vast network of specialists, advocates, and industry champions.

    Russ Meek, Partner & Interim COO    20 year investor and hands-on operator with startups and expansion success 

     across the production, technology, finance and service industries.

    Amir Mostofi, MD, Chief Surgical Advisor    A rising star among CA’s orthopedic surgeons, Amir is now Associate

     Professor at USC working on genetic & surgical  research.  He has originated and is helping to guide several of the

     Luminus Ortho micro-invasive devices and procedures.